Cleansed Through Fire & Blood

by Salvador



released November 13, 2009



all rights reserved


Salvador Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Vultures
Picking at the bone, the vultures come to roost
Tearing at the souls, preparing mother’s womb

The cycle starts anew, her innocence renewed again
Cleansed through fire and blood

Shedding the skin, healing the wounds
Life, death, rebirth

Elements of space and time
Molten and muck, zephyr and brine, collide
Track Name: Shaman of Ur
Raise this temple forged from sun and sand, reeking of rot
Center of heaven and earth, beacon of man, ziggurot

His will runs crimson down the mountain-top
Blood sacrificed unto the demi-gods
The code is scourged into the backs of slaves
A new religion for the end of days

Slave, bleed for your gods, die by these laws
Mage, we’ll make them bleed, down on their knees

Shaman of Ur, bringer of light, bringer of death
Dark out the night, bring on the death
Shaman of Ur, bringer of light
Shaman of light